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Over 1000 bare fruit trees just arrived on 1/17/18 .  Remember January is a good month to prune your fruit trees.
How to take care fruit trees in the winter :
1-Wait for leaves to fall completely.
2- look for damage in the bark or cracks . Remove severely ill or damage branches and also branches at risk of growing into one another or rubbing as they mature.
3-Examine your tree structure if is very young decide where to make prune cuts, generally speaking, wounds heal more quickly during the late fall and winter because spring rains can encourage fungal and bacterial invaders.
4-(Optional)Select a dormant oil or fruit  spray apply it thoroughly to destroy chronic pest and pathogenic agents. Avoid spraying general insecticides if your tree has already begun to bud, since these products can linger killing honeybees . Apply these treatments any time while the tree is still deeply dormant.
5- Keep a eye on the weather. You can apply 6'' mulch around the tree to protect against freeze.
6-Tips: always clean your tools and often when working with diseased wood . Pathogens spread easily between trees, branches, tools and clothing.

​ Fall and Winter VEGETABLES AND HERBS are in come and see .

We are growing thanks to are amazing clients, 2018 we will open a new retail store with new products; pottery, water fountains, yard decorations, gift shop, fox farm products etc.. 
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